Sylviana Deferne, Anthony Flint, Johann Sebastian Paetsch reading newspaper reviews

The following are some comments about Trio Ceresio from the world-wide press.

What followed was the "Triple Concerto for Piano, Violin and Violoncello" by Beethoven. The audience welcomed Trio Ceresio of Switzerland for this performance. The trio had a well mannered stage presence. The cello joined the orchestra with a rich, mellow tone and went on to demonstrate his technical ability in the high register with ease. The violin sounded pure and transparent and the piano was powerful and reassuring. The Orchestra was well-shaped, together and unified with the soloists. The encore piece was "Extase" by Louis Ganne, arranged by the cellist Paetsch. I heard it for the first time but it was very nostalgic yet melancolic and beautiful.

Gunma, Japan - 23/September/2008 – Akiko Minosaki

"Throughout the Beethoven, Trio Ceresio’s interpretation was intense, the pianist presenting descending passages with impetus and passion …the audience
was enchanted by Schubert’s Nocturne in which the violin and cello
united in delicate murmurs of great beauty"

Il Paese 2/2/07 – Carlo Rezzonico

"Trio Ceresio distinguished itself by it’s accuracy and adhesion to the different compositional styles … in Mendelssohn, the piano brought out a phrase of pure magic, limpid and poignant, echoed by the counterpoint of violin and cello in tender restraint. Shostakovich, in it’s tranquil passages, evoked an aura of delicate musical poetry."

La Regione Ticino 12/12/06 – Carlo Rezzonico

"In addition to their analytical abilities, Trio Ceresio gave us a vast range of dynamics. Particularly efficient in their interpretive skills, they also chose to
highlight the expressive components of the music."

Corriere del Ticino, Switzerland 11/12/06 – Susanna Zalateo

"… behind their performance there must have been a long preparation otherwise one could not explain the wonderful ensemble, the precision and attention to the smallest of details. There was a wonderful balance between voices without ever renouncing the liberty and responsibility that one attributes to great musicians."

Corriere del Ticino, Switzerland

"…the atmosphere of the slow movement was a magical moment
while in the last movement, Flint demonstrated brilliant violin virtuosity
and Paetsch a wonderful musicality and intense sound…"

L’Arena – Giornale di Verona, Italy